Ashley Sweeney MS, RD, LD

Dietitian, Nutrition Coach, Consultant, Fitness Coach, Business Owner, Army Wife, New Mom

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Healthy living one day at a time

Welcome to my world! I love all things that have to do with food, fitness, family and fun! I am here to help you get healthy, get fit, get comfortable and confident in your own body!

My Goal

My goal is to help people live happier and healthier lives through good nutrition, exercise and a well-balanced life.


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Chocolate Dessert

This healthy dessert will satisfy that beautiful sweet tooth of yours!


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Let's Work Together

I am a Registered Dietitian with my Bachelors of Science from Syracuse University and my Masters of Science from Case Western Reserve University. I have struggled myself with healthy eating, staying on track and finding appropriate weight loss recipes. When I finally realized that I wasn’t honestly practicing what I was preaching, I had to change. I took control of my health and nutrition, focused on clean eating, dealt with emotions that were leading me to emotional eating, binging, and stress eating. I finally have a healthy relationship with food, with my body, have learned how to make healthy food taste delicious and want to share my experience and my knowledge with you by providing virtual weight loss plans! My personalized online meal plans are perfect for those just getting started on their goals, those looking for more guidance and support to ensure their family is getting what they need, or those struggling to find balance between what is healthy and what is not. Let me help you reach your goals.