Length of Body Beast Workouts

How Long are the Body Beast Workouts

If you are following me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably see that I am doing my second round of the Beachbody Body Beast Workouts.

I’ve gotten asked quite a bit how long the workouts are, so thought I’d share. You spend the most amount of time in the Bulk Phase of Body Beast.

Body Beast Build Phase

  • Build Legs: 38 min
  • Build Chest/Tris: 48 min
  • Build Back/Bis: 50 min
  • Build Shoulders: 38 min

Body Beast Bulk Phase

  • Bulk Legs: 41 min
  • Bulk Arms: 35 min
  • Bulk Chest: 30 min
  • Bulk Back: 29 min
  • Bulk Shoulders: 35 min

Beast Workouts

  • Beast Abs: 10 min
  • Beast Cardio: 38 min
  • Beast Total Body: 38 min

What Equipment do you Really Need for Body Beast?

All you really need is a variety of dumbbells. Technically the program says you need a pull up bar, bench/stability ball and an ez curl bar. However, I don’t have any of those things and am still getting results. I have a set of Bowflex weights ranging from 5-52 lbs.

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