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How Long are the Body Beast Workouts

Body Beast


Body Beast has grown to be one of my favorite programs. It really helped me fall in love with heavy lifting, feeling strong & powerful!

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I've gotten asked quite a bit how long the workouts are, so thought I'd share. You spend the most amount of time in the Bulk Phase of Body Beast.

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Body Beast Build Phase

  • Build Legs: 38 min
  • Build Chest/Tris: 48 min
  • Build Back/Bis: 50 min
  • Build Shoulders: 38 min

Body Beast Bulk Phase

  • Bulk Legs: 41 min
  • Bulk Arms: 35 min
  • Bulk Chest: 30 min
  • Bulk Back: 29 min
  • Bulk Shoulders: 35 min

Beast Workouts

  • Beast Abs: 10 min
  • Beast Cardio: 38 min
  • Beast Total Body: 38 min



What Equipment do you Really Need for Body Beast?

All you really need is a variety of dumbbells. Technically the program says you need a pull up bar, bench/stability ball and an ez curl bar. However, I don't have any of those things and am still getting results. I have a set of Bowflex weights ranging from 5-52 lbs. To learn more about the bowflex weights, click on the image below. 


body beast workout

Best Equipment?

I personally use the Bowflex Select Techs. They range from 5-52 pounds each. You can occasionally find them on sale on Amazon, which is where I ordered mine from! 


What are the Workouts?

Here are the workouts during the BULK Phase:

    • Chest: Focuses in your pec muscles from multiple angles and hitting different muscle fibers. It is 30 minutes long.
    • Back: Using Force Sets and SuperSets you do a lot of rows, pull overs, reverse flys and dead-lifts. It is 29 minutes
    • Shoulders: You do lateral raises, arnold presses, and more in series of Super Sets and Progressive Sets. Seriously makes your shoulders burn! It is 35 minutes long.
    • Arms: Not your average bicep and tricep workout- this one is intense with the Force Sets, Single Sets and Progressive sets. Sagi says you get “Huge Arms,” but I think mine look leaner and fitter! It is 35 minutes long.
    • Legs: “Change your chicken legs into tree trunks.” haha NO THANKS! I don’t want TREE TRUNKS! I just want a solid booty and strong legs, and OH MAN it makes your booty and legs scream! It is 41 minutes long.
    • Cardio & Abs: For cardio I have been doing Turbo Fire or going for jogs. I liked the Cardio workout in Body Beast, but I need to mix it up and I just missed Turbo Fire too much not to do it. As for abs, I either do the Body Beast abs which includes Russian Twists, planks, crunches, etc. or I do my own ab routine or do another Beachbody Ab workout- like Ab Ripper X or Chalean Extreme Abs.



What are “SETS?”

If you are like me, you have no idea what body building style of workouts really mean. I had no idea before I started this program. Now remember, I don’t want to be a bodybuilder, I just want to do this program to build more defined muscle and become more lean and fit. I’ll explain a few of the “Dynamic Set Training” terms:

  • A single set is 1 exercise only. In the Bulk Arms video, we do single set tricep extensions. You do 15 reps with a light weight, 12 reps with a heavier weight, then 8 reps with an even heavier weight, then 8 reps with the lightest weight.
  • A progressive set is a pyramid. You go from 15 reps, to 12 reps to 8 reps (like a single set), take a break (about 1 minute and a half), and then from 8 reps, to 12 to 15 reps. When you are doing more reps you use lower weights. When you are doing fewer reps (8) you use a heavier weight.
  • A super set is any 2 exercise movements done back to back without rest. In the Bulk Chest workout we do incline flys and incline presses.
  • Make sure you have various sizes of free weights or dumbbells. I use Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair) because they range from 5-52.5 lbs. They are easy to use, easy to adjest, durable and take up little space.

There are a total of 6 types of sets you do in the various workouts.

This post contains affiliate links. If you order Bowflex weights from the link I provided on amazon, I will receive a small compensation. I am an Independent Team Beachbody Coach with Beachbody, LLC and will receive compensation if I am registered as your coach and you order from my links provided. I recommend this product because I believe in it and use it myself. You can read my full disclosure policy here. 

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